Getting Naked on the Internet


The purpose of this article is to help you make a decision about whether or not you should get naked on the internet and if you do decide to, how to do it as sensibly and safely as possible. It is mainly aimed at internet glamour and adult models, but some of the advice is generally relevant to any form of internet modelling and definitely relevant if you get naked under any descriptive guise.

My intention is neither to encourage or discourage you. I am simply trying to provide an accurate and realistic appraisal of what you may encounter and the best ways to protect yourself from potential problems you may experience, as well as making the power of the internet work to your advantage where appropriate. I have tried to give a frank and unbiased assessment, rather than express my personal opinion. You may think I have a vested interest in encouraging you to embark on a career of nakedness and this would not be an unreasonable assumption, but the following sentence is the one part of this article which absolutely reflects my personal opinion and should dissuade you of the accuracy of such an assumption.

MY OWN VIEW..Just don’t do it

My personal view is that it is inadvisable for any model in any genre to get naked on the internet for any reason, in any respect in any circumstances. Full stop.

But the fact you are reading this probably means you have either done it already or are considering it, so hopefully the advice I am giving you will be of some help.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? - A hell of a lot actually.

Using real names. You should never, ever, and I mean absolutely never, no matter what type of modelling you do and what level you model at, use your real name on the internet. It’s the most basic, stupid mistake you could make. I know. it’s a mistake I made because I didn’t know any better, but I’m a photographer, so the potential for any unwelcome consequences are far less than for a model. If you are reading this, then presumably you have the opportunity not to make this mistake. If you read this and still use your real name, then your are more stupid than the stupidest person in the stupidest house, in the stupidest street, in the stupidest town, in the stupidest country… and you deserve the title Her Royal Stupidness, Princess Stupid of Stupidland. Its stupid…ok?

The internet is a relatively new phenomenon, just 12 years ago most people did not access the internet regularly and there was no broadband service to speak off. I don’t think anyone who was around at the advent of the internet appreciated how revolutionary or how powerful it would become. The internet revolutionised and changed glamour photography and modelling completely and opened it up to individuals who would not previously have considered it. It also went from being a fairly anonymous niche to being generally accessible and very public. Before the internet took off, the chances of the average model suffering unwelcome recognition, were fairly slim. Now its essential that every model is internet aware and understands how things work before committing herself.

MEN WHO LOOK AT NAKED GIRLS...are not necessarily perverts

Men who look at naked girls are not perverts, they are normal…its probably less normal not to look at naked girls. Remember, the people who look at naked girls on the internet are not necessarily some sleazy strangers in a dirty mac, they are more likely to be your brother, your boyfriend, the guys who were at school with you, your cousin, your uncle, your boss, your co-worker, even your father. Men like to look at naked girls…quite a lot of women do to, the internet has made this accessible and easy. Oh, yes - just about every man claims not to look at naked girls or porn…so how does that account for the popularity of anything involving naked girls? Its because they are not being honest, the majority of guys look at naked girls on the internet whatever they say.

This is doubly true of photographers on modelling sites. Some models choose to be selective with their more explicit work and don’t tend to advertise the fact they do it, preferring to contact photographers whom they wish to work with rather than advertising generally. This is perfectly reasonable and in fact, often very sensible in a business sense. It’s also the models choice and absolutely her prerogative to work in this way, should she choose to do so. Some people…mainly photographers will resent this and disparagingly refer to this practice as having “secret levels“. These are usually the same photographers who contact you and gleefully claim to have “accidentally” discovered you on a website modelling beyond your stated levels. What they actually mean is that they were either specifically looking for that type of material or even more likely, were searching specifically for you. So when they contact you and claim to have “accidentally” discovered that you are “doing porn” now, you are equally entitled to point out to them, that whilst depending on how one interprets the particular content in question, this may or may not be accurate, but what is definitely accurate, is that they were searching for porn, so have now positively identified themselves as a one handed keyboard jockey.

Given the scale of the internet and the variety of content available, its very unlikely that anyone will find images of you by complete accident. It’s a possibility, in the same way being hit by lightning is a possibility, but not something which is likely to happen. Unless, of course, you stand in an open space in the path of an electrical storm holding a lightning conductor in the air….which would lessen the odds of being struck considerably. But that would be very silly wouldn’t it? Using your real name on the internet is like standing in an open space during an electrical storm holding a lightening conductor…..and will lessen the odds of being seen by somebody you don’t want to see you considerably.

BUT I DON’T CARE …if people see me naked

Right now some of you, maybe quite a few of you will be saying…but I don’t care if people see me, I’ve told my Mother, my Granny (assuming she hasn‘t died 3 times in the last 6 weeks), Edward my pet Llama, and all my mates at the local line dancing club that I’m naked on the internet and they don’t care and neither do I. Fair point. But that’s what you think now…will you feel the same in 2 years, 5 years, 20 years.? How will future employers feel? Do you want any children you may have in the future to see their mother naked on the internet? The images will never go away…never. But 20 years later, if you have been careful and not used your real name anywhere, then the chances of anyone finding you or even recognising you if they do, are a heck of a lot slimmer than they would be if they were tied to your real name.

And for those of you who are thinking well, I’m an “art nude” model or I only do “tasteful glamour”…so I don’t really care…

BUT IT’S ART…only to you, honey.

The majority of people see a naked girl and they think porn, they don’t think “art nude” or “fine art” or “tasteful glamour” or any other label you want to give it…they think wow!, there’s a girl I know naked on the internet, that’s a bit saucy! This thought pattern applies whether its Nuts or Zoo or some high brow publication…FHM, Arena, GQ, Nuts, Zoo, Escort, Mayfair, Playboy, Razzle…you are still that girl they know, naked. You may think there is more artistic integrity in getting naked for a premium operation, and lounging sensually in beautiful lingerie on a period piece of furniture with your legs artistically and casually askew, than posing with your legs akimbo and a stupid smile on your face to match the stupid caption, on a stained couch in a council flat for Slappers Quarterly, but again, to the average person, you are simply that girl we know who does porn now…they don’t see genre’s or care about context or packaging.

And don’t think because you do fetish, that somehow you are above those who get their t*ts out in Nuts. Fetish might have some acceptability at an arty middle class dinner…but down at the Dog and Duck, the majority just think its weird and kinky. If you get tied up in some complex and wonderful shabiri arrangements and its beautifully shot in black and white, the average person doesn’t think, wow!, I love the rope work and the lighting and what beautiful texture that image has, they think, gosh! that quiet girl I knew at school is in to some kinky bondage stuff now…I never saw that coming in 5th form, the quiet ones are always the worst, eh…nudge nudge…You possibly think fetish is not really adult and it has much more integrity than glamour because your photographer speaks nicely, clearly appreciates art and spends a fortune on shiny metal stuff, nice ropes and his delightfully pleasant wife assists him and fits your ballgag with precision and sensitivity.. but you can bet your life the average person and the average employer probably thinks its more controversial than even the most explicit nude glamour.


Ok, hopefully we have established that you should not use your real name. What should you do? Right from the start you should find a name for all seasons. Forget separate names for separate genre’s, its pointless, the fans will lump them together anyway. Find one name and stick to it. Ideally it should be a name not already in use…Google before you choose! Forget stupid porn names. Pick something realistic, which sounds like a real name. Nowadays webmasters also prefer a first name and last name rather than just a first name, in fact many insist on this now as I believe its very important for searches and promo gallery listings.

We talked about avoiding unwelcome recognition, but some form of recognition is inevitable and indeed advantageous. If you are serious about modelling, then your career depends on popularity and being recognisable. Searchability is an important factor in this. If the fans cannot find you, they cannot make you popular. The point of any published work you do is for it to be seen by as many people as possible. Webmasters will promote you, give away promo galleries, send links to freeones, fan sites, gallery share with other sites, etc, etc …inevitably your content will be stolen by the file sharers to. If you are a popular model, as soon as a set is released it virtually goes viral immediately. If at some point after sets are released, you get cold feet and try to get it removed, even if you got the photographer and webmaster onside, you may be able to get the original source set removed, but it simply would not be possible to eradicate it completely. The bottom line is that once a set is published, it is there forever and no matter what you do or who you know, it can never be completely removed.

The modern internet is all about traffic and affiliation and controlling traffic and knowing the best way to direct it, is a far surer route to internet riches than owning or operating websites. Glamour/Soft Porn/Adult…however you want to describe it, has now gone corporate and the mogul’s out there are those people who own the tube and affiliation sites and are ultimately in control of the traffic. If you feature in a popular gallery on a popular and well promoted internet site, your images will be promoted from pillar to post and free promo galleries will be posted on every available board and gallery site within days of release. One popular gallery may be posted several hundred times. Can you see how impossible it is to remove yourself from the internet once you are there?


Bare this in mind absolutely…THE POINT OF A PHOTOGRAPHER TAKING IMAGES OF YOU FOR PUBLICATION ON THE INTERNET IS PRIMARILY SO THAT PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU. If you don’t like this idea, why are you doing it? Anonymity does not exist in the internet world, if you want anonymity, keep your clothes on and stay away from the internet. If you enjoy any success at all, you will develop a fan base, there will be people interested in you and they will want to know everything you have done. There are specialist fan sites where fans collate everything you have done under whatever names you have used, this is why its pointless having one name for this, one name for that and why it is essential that your real name is not on the internet, because inevitably they will all be linked together. This includes model sites. Sites like Purpleport/Purestorm are used by fans as reference points, they also come high in Google searches. Remember this if you have nude images on model sites, these are the most public and the most likely to be found by accident. Be aware of this, once you have been published on the internet, even on a model promotion site, there is no way back…never, ever, it will always be there.


This is such a complex issue it would take literally pages and pages to explain the implications of both and how they relate to you in respect of different countries in different circumstances.
The following is a very condensed but pretty accurate account of what you need to know in respect of images obtained in the UK for use in the UK and worldwide.

Boring but essential reading DO NOT skip this part...


From time to time I’ll get models contacting me and saying something along the lines of “I would be interested in adult work, but only if its not published in the UK“. For me, the minute a model tries to impose any restrictions on image use I am not interested, firstly because I am not interested in images with use restrictions, secondly because it reflects a model who, in my opinion, doesn’t understand the business, and thirdly because foreign publication only died with the advent of internet.

If the model actually considered for a minute what she was asking, then she would realise the impracticality and pointlessness of such a request. With the worldwide web….the key word is “worldwide”…, how does one restrict image use to one particular country? The answer is that one cannot, there is no such thing as selective country publication on the internet. Even in the case of magazines not generally available in the UK, it is highly likely they will be operated in tandem with a website which obviously, will be available in the UK and everywhere else where it is legal to view it. In a nutshell, “for overseas publication only” with very few exceptions, does not exist in the internet era.


Avoid using your real name
Don’t expect anonymity
Most people don’t see “art“, they see someone they know naked
Don’t expect not for publication to necessarily mean that.
Selective Foreign publication is rarely, if ever possible.
A model release often has no real relevance to you.
The lack of model release has very little legal significance in the UK.
The photographer owns the copyright of the images regardless of payment.

And most of all, if you can’t handle the consequences of people you know seeing you naked on the internet, keep your clothes on. Taking the money, getting naked, then whinging about the fact that your Aunt Doris found out about it a few months later is pointless and will only serve to make you seem a bit tragic and naïve.