Pre shoot Preparation

It is essential you read this regardless of your experience.

I often find that its the more experienced models who let their standards slide and are often less well presented than newer models.

Firstly, I'm not writing this to be awkward, totally the reverse, I'm trying to make things easy for us both. All my work is for publication and my clients expect certain standards and its my job to deliver these standards. The more efficiently we work together, the easier it is for us both, the shoot takes less time, so we both work shorter hours, get paid and go home quicker..:-)

Also, please bare in mind that what you and I get paid is only a small proportion of the "cost of production" The true cost for the client in publishing a high end web shoot is probably somewhere around the £2000 - £3000 mark, so its understandable that they do not want any avoidable mistakes.

The following guidelines are what I would regard as “minimum standard” for a model who chooses to work with me. They don't apply to every shoot, some publishers are less stringent than others, but these are what I personally regard as the minimum standard of presentation for anyone aspiring to be a model at a decent level. If for any reason you cannot meet any of these guidelines, please tell me well in advance, we may be able to work round it or reschedule. Communication is the key though, the last thing I want is for you to turn up unprepared, leaving me in a situation where I have to send you away without pay or travel exes. This is bad for you, but its even worse for me as you have wasted my day also. Its not a good situation for either of us, so this page is here to avoid this happening. If you are unsure of anything, all you have to do is ask.

I cannot emphasise enough, if you neglect to mention important things like a radical change of hair colour or a tattoo or an obtrusive birth mark or lots of bruises on your legs, its possible I will have to refuse to shoot you. I really mean that, its basic stuff, all the information you need to prepare is here, all you need to do is read it. If you turn up for a shoot unprepared, I'm liable to send you away without pay or travel expenses. "Oh, I didn't see that", or "I didn't realise I had to do that" are not valid is absolutely your job to ensure you are prepared and have all the information you need for the shoot...just ask me if your not sure, there is no such thing as a stupid question...its only stupid not to ask! I never object to questions and I never feel that time taken to answer legitimate questions is time wasted

Obvious stuff

Make sure I have your phone number and make sure you have mine!

Double check the booking and make sure you have the right day and time.

I expect you to arrive looking like your profile pictures…any significant changes…like a hair length/colour change…I NEED TO KNOW in advance.

If you are ill, suffering from a cold, injury, serious bruising , a coldsore before the shoot, please let me know, it may be necessary to reschedule. Just let me know about them. I won't bite your head of if you cancel for a valid reason, it happens, if you are unsure get in touch, we can discuss it.

Also, please make sure you understand the level you are shooting at and what it entails, this is particularly true of video. Its not my job to spoon feed you the information, its your job to familiarise yourself. The levels are clearly explained in the glossary and on my profiles. If you are unsure about anything please ask me!


ID is the most important thing to bring to the shoot, I cannot shoot you unless you have 2257 compliant ID, I do not have a choice in this, its the law. I also expect you to be honest about your age. There is a fair chance I will have asked you for your full name and DOB prior to the shoot, but if I haven't and your age differs from that on your profile YOU MUST MAKE ME AWARE OF THIS. It may not make any difference to whether I book you or not, but the chances are that if you turn up and it transpires you are significantly older (or younger) than I expected...I WILL SEND YOU AWAY.

The following is what you must have for ID, THIS IS THE LAW, there are no exceptions.

YOU MUST HAVE a passport OR a photo drivers licence NOTHING else is suitable as a primary form of ID

The best form of ID is a passport AND a photo drivers licence, however One of the above accompanied by one of the following is ok. Birth Cert/Student Identity Card/Nat Ins Card/Medical Card/Other signed photo ID.

Bank card/credit cards/bills etc are of absolutely no use as ID


Vitally important. I’m not going to pretend taking pictures of naked girls is a matter of life or death…or even of minor importance in the wider scheme of things, but I want it to be as near perfect as I can achieve. That’s why I pay you top rates and its why I get paid top rates. Please remember I have booked you for a day, but for me in terms of shoot preparation and post shoot admin we are talking a minimum two days work...that's a substantial time and financial investment for me, so I cannot afford any mistakes.

Here is the MINIMUM I expect from YOU. If you don’t like it, thats fine, you can turn down the booking.

The night before the shoot;

I expect you to be well rested. This means you have not been partying, drinking, socialising or otherwise having a life…harsh?…Yes, it is harsh, but too bad, you could be stacking shelves in Tesco for a week to make what I'm paying you, if you want to be regarded as a proper model, these are the sacrifices you need to make.
If you work on late night TV channels, then I expect you to have had the evening off prior to the shoot
I also don’t want you getting up stupidly early, if your booking involves a long journey, then I will offer you accommodation the night before the shoot.

Hair; I expect it to be clean, maintained to a high standard and if you dye it no excessive roots showing please.
Any extensions need to be clean, in good condition and of a decent quality.

Nails; I expect nails to be of a decent length and freshly manicured. Natural/light pink/red nail polish is fine, but please NO DARK OR WEIRD COLOURS. False nails are absolutely fine, and are preferable if your own nails are ultra short/uneven/unmanicured.

Feet; Look after them please! Nicely manicured toe nails…clean soles and hard skin removed and no weird coloured nail polish.

Fake tan; NO, just NO....absolutely NO!!! wash it off, scrape it off...take yourself through a carwash...I don't care, just GET RID OF IT!! Seriously, no fake tan please, unless its an ultra expensive brand, applied by a Professional, and you can guarantee it won't come off on clothing/carpets/underwear etc. I am serious about this. If you deposit fake tan all over my furniture, lingerie, clothing, carpets etc, I will withold your pay AND send you a cleaning bill.


Piercings. If you have any piercings other than navel and ears (ie nipple piercings/genital piercings) can you please remove them prior to the shoot. If this is not possible, please let me know in advance.


I don't allow any unconnected third party's to be present at the shoot. The only people allowed on set are the crew involved in the shoot.

If you want somebody to drop you off and collect you, I have no problem with that, but I do not have a waiting room or facilities for them to stay, so they must leave after dropping you off.

What I would rather not talk about

Erm…”lady areas” Sorry, this has to be said..;-) Pubic hair is fine..if you have it…leave it on!!! Pubic hair in most cases is a big selling point. PUBIC HAIR IS MUCH BETTER THAN FULLY SHAVED FOR ALMOST EVERY SHOOT However if you shave, please do it properly, carefully and thoroughly and try to avoid shaving rash. Do not leave stray patches of hairs on inner thighs and in particular DO NOT leave stray hairs around the anus. And absolutely no stubble please, you either have pubes or you do in between.

Feminine hygene is a huge problem on shoots, in fact there are very few shoots in which it is not an issue. I know other producers allow these things to slide, but I don't, I will not have photo's or videos of mine published with less than pristine "areas".

I understand these places are hard to see, so I have given up on relying on models to make sure its all good. The first thing I will ask you before the first set is to go to the bathroom and check yourself thoroughly in a mirror and wipe where necessary.
WET WIPE every single crevice before each set…go over your “ladybits” in fine detail. Toilet roll etc adhering to your labia is not a good look:) An even worse look…and it happens all the time, trust me, really it does, ...poooo adhering to your bottom is not good look and can be easily sorted by the liberal use of wet wipes
Its not something I WANT to have tell you, REALLY, I DON’T!! but its something I have to mention on at least 50% of shoots, so if I stop the first set and request "a clean up on aisle 2" don't be emarrassed, because it literally happens all the time.

Modelling kit

If you have a collection of underwear for shooting…make sure it is clean, stain free and all there. REMOVE THE LABELS!! If whites are grey and pinks are skanky please don't bring them! Make sure stockings etc are new and free from ladders…carry spares! REMOVE THE LABELS

Shoes; Modelling shoes are for modelling only…DO NOT wear them outside. Shoes which are scuffed and have scuffed soles are absolutely no good for modelling. Please remove any stickers or labels from the soles and go over it with white spirit or nail varnish remover to take away the glue.

Ok, think that covers it.

I know its a lot of reading, but its important, the last thing I want to do is send you away after you've travelled 2 hours to get here, but I have sent models away and I will again, if I have no choice.

Here are quick referrence bullet points.

*Do I have all the details for the shoot inc phone numbers?
*Do I have the necessary ID?
*Hair and nails ok? Nails are manicured and neutral, pink or red?
*Am I providing the outfits/lingerie?...if so, do I have at least 10 outfits/matching lingerie sets per day of shooting? Clean, good condition?
*Have I shaved properly and checked in mirror etc. Do I have a razor with me etc, just in case?
* FAKE TAN...its all gone..right?